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    title: Two women force a man to sniff their farts desc: These two women force that poor guy to sniff their farts. But they don't know that the man enjoys every single fart...
    title: Cute blonde scat desc: One teen sexy blodne girl and one BBW brunette girl are pooping on a guys face. They force him to eat all that fresh shit.
    title: Female domination desc: Blonde fat girl is a mistress in this video. She poops on a masked guy, after she smears shit on his body. She force him to eat some pieces of shit.
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    title: Forcing her slave to eat crap desc: A sexy brunette teen Japanese girl is pooping on her male slaves face. She force him to eat her fresh shit after…
    title: Jap girls pooping on their slaves desc: This video is actually a compilation of two videos with Japanese girls pooping on their male slaves. They force them to eat their shit …awesome.
    title: Mistress feeds her slave - sexy desc: In this video we can see a sexy brown haired Japanese mistress that's feeding her male slave. She takes a shit in his mouth and force him to eat it all…
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    title: Femdom fetish desc: In this video we can see a smoking Japanese mistress that's torturing her male slave. She takes a shit in his mouth and force him to eat it all. Nice.
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    title: Lick my nasty ass desc: Masked mistress is pooping on her male slave. She force him to wipe her dirty ass with his tongue and mouth. She's masturbating him in this time…
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    title: Feeding my male slave desc: Brunette Asian mistress is feeding her male slave with fresh shit. She takes a shit in his mouth and after that she force him to swallow all the pieces of crap.
    title: Poop on male slave desc: Three sexy girls are torturing a male slave. They force him to sit naked on the floor. They are pooping hard on his face and body…forcing him to eat that scat.
    title: Japanese mistress desc: Sexy brown haired Japanese mistress force her male slave to sit half naked on the floor while she takes a shit on his chest.
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